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D.C. Stadium DistrCtImage Via DC Office of Planning

The DC Stadium DistriCt is a vintage residential neighborhood in Southwest DC being re-discovered by DC residents as the next vibrant neighborhood.

Nestled between Nationals Park and the recently approved new DC United Soccer Stadium, this community is emerging as a trendy, enjoyable, livable and walk-able neighborhood in the shadow of the DC stadiums.

The proposed DC United Stadium will only add to the Stadium DistriCt theme and will be located between Nationals Park and the former U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters along the Potomac River.

The Stadium DistriCt’s unique location allows its residents to enjoy the convenience of great access to the City’s transportation system, entertainment and rapidly growing nightlife of the surrounding communities.

The Stadium DistriCt is also isolated from the denser commercial neighborhoods to the northeast enough to protect on-street parking, create a neighborhood feel and provide excellent quality of life (e.g. back yards for BBQing). The diversified neighborhood creates a nice mix of renters and owners, some newbie’s and many legacy residents, who are living and working in the heart of the DC community and embracing the surrounding redevelopment while still treasuring their traditional neighborhood.

As we near ten (10) years of living in this unique neighborhood we treasure our history here and look forward with anticipation to the addition of the new D.C. United Stadium and the continued development occuring on all sides of the Stadium DistriCt.

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