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SD 1.20 Second Third Floor Plan


D.C. Stadium DistrCt Aerial Image

A DC United Stadium Becomes Key Piece of DC Waterfront Development makes the point that the Development of DC United Stadium has has greatly accelerated the coordination of many different pieces of the SW Waterfront, Buzzard Point, Capitol Riverfront and The Yards developments in the goal of creating a truly connected DC Waterfront along both the Annacostia and Potomac in SE/SW D.C.  One of the key pieces of this coordination is the development of the “Buzzard Point Framework” which will integrate the Stadium at the Center of the Buzzard Point Redevelopment along with the nearby commercial Residential follow-on development with the Stadium as well as coordinate with the other in process large developments on each side of Buzzard Point. One of the most important objectives is the completion of the River Walk Trail from The Wharf to the Yard with Buzzard Point Development to connect them together.

There is a lot of work to do, but one has to be excited to envision this part of DC in 4-6 years as the city turns back to the great rivers that run through it and celebrate their health along with the health of DC citizens!

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Yesterday D.C. Mayor Bowser delivered a pile of paperwork to the D.C.  Council concerning the DC United Soccer Stadium Development and the Council appears anxious to review and approve the documents by the middle of July according to Council Member Mendelson.  The paperwork provided for the purchase of 3/4 of the land parcels required (looks like Akridge’s two acre site will be acquired through Emmient Domain if they don’t break the stalemate soon) along with the site lease to DCU etc.   Previously D.C. has moved forward in the vacating process for  the streets that cross the development site.

There are lots of new details on the lease structure between DCU and DC and for the DC owned commercial property adjacent to the stadium site as well as the timing on conceptual plans, permits and construction including infrastructure requirements.  The Streetcar to Buzzard Point even shows signs of life in the announcement as well.

You can check it all out in DCU Stadium Update in DC BizJournals. Washington Biz Journal Logo




large_blackandredunited.com.full.15898Image Via Black & Red United

Those diehard DCU fans/supporters over at Black & Red United released some photos and video today from their recent celebration of the new stadium approval.  Got to love em for coming over to the D.C. Stadium DistriCt to check out the new home for the team.  You have to appreciate their being so patient in the seemingly never ending quest for their new home, but it will be just two short years and their wishes will be fulfilled with an incredible place to call their own and continue the storied tradition of DCU!

D.C. Stadium DistrCt Aerial Image