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Seal_of_Washington,_D.C..svgImage Via District of Columbia

An article today in DC Elevated by Whitney Pipken on 8 development projects which will transform D.C. this year included the new D.C. United stadium approved late last year by the D.C. City Council.

There were some interesting comments from the Capital Riverfront BID’s director in included in the article–” “sports stadium gateway” alongside Nationals Park, says Michael Stevens, president of the Capital Riverfront Business Improvement District.

“A multi-purpose soccer stadium would be an anchor and catalyst for new development in Buzzard Point,” says Stevens.””  I am thinking he meant a Stadium DistriCt!

D.C. Stadium DistrCt Aerial Image Image Via D.C. Office of Planning




Some more ideas on the D.C. United Stadium Design

D.C. Stadium DistrCt Aerial Image Image Via DC Office Planning

A recent article by a DC. United fan on designing the new stadium in the D.C. Stadium DistriCt by fan and former wanna be architect Tom Leiss.  Check out some of his rough sketches and concepts in this article, I think he is right on about trying to get a larger seating capacity to be able to host U.S. National games etc.



Stadium North Main Concourse Image Via D.C. United


Even with a new stadium D.C. United has some limits!

large_blackandredunited.com.full.15898Image Via Black & Red United

A great article in Black & Red United by Ryan Keefer on the limits currently faced by D.C. United ownership and management in regards to player payrolls which wont change until at least the new stadium opens and the huge anticipated crowds and increased revenues substantially increase the capital available to invest in payroll.

While we may never be able to compete with NY and LA, there is reason to be encouraged that ownership will find a way to invest the forthcoming profits with creativity to build a dynasty that will bring results to our rabid DCU fan base.

DC United Stadium Looking SW


What do you want for the new D.C. United Stadium?

large_blackandredunited.com.full.15898 Image Via Black & Red United

Check out this recent article by Adam Taylor in Black & Red United on what DCU fans want to see integrated into the new stadium.  Check out the BRU’s staff personal wishes and add your own in the comment section to the article, love the idea of bouncing stands and a Team Tradition walkway into the stadium.


2015 New Years Resolutions for D.C. United

large_blackandredunited.com.full.15898Image Via Black & Red United


In a recent article in  BlackandRedUnited.com Martin Shatzer broke out 5 goals for D.C. United in 2015.  Number One is for the shovels to hit the dirt on the new Stadium Project in the D.C. Stadium DistriCt.  One of the other important goals was for a much higher visiability for the team with the local media, and some more trophys for the Trophy Case, made possible by investment in more international talent while still developing the local grown talent.


stadium from entrance