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Buzzard Point Street Car Line Delayed Until 2044?

wamu_logo_big American University RadioA recent article from American University Radio reported that D.C.’s Proposed 22 mile Street Car lines were going to be sharply reduced to only 8 miles as a result of the D.C. Council reducing the upfront Bugdget from $1,000,000,000 to $500,000,000+.  This reduction will result in a sharply reduced footprint and will exclude the proposed Buzzard Point to Takoma line that would have served the D.C. Stadium DistriCt.

While the DDOT suggest the entire 22 miles of street car lines may still be built at a later date, the scale of the project has been reduced and the funding load on D.C. will be reduced significantly for other projects.


Street Car line 22 miles

The first map is the reduced plan now funded and approved and the 2nd map is the original 22 mile plan including the Buzzard Point to Takoma line and the SW to Anacostia Line.





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A recent Washington Post article covers the story in a little more detail.