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D.C. Council member Grosso is shown below discussing his support for the new stadium project but also wanting to clarify that $2,500,000 of funding for D.C. Charter schools was redirected by the stadium votes yesterday from Charter Schools to the Stadium Project.  He asked for confirmation on the record that those funds were going to be replaced by I think he mentioned funds from the Pepco transactions related to the Stadium site?  He also supported all three affirmative votes.  Video Via D.C. City Council


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D.C. Council Member Cheh discussed her thoughts on the D.C. United Stadium project yesterday at the council hearing and explained that she felt the project investment had an excellent economic benefit to D.C. and that it is important to distinguish between Capital Investment expenditures and operating cost expenditures, she was very clear and succint in her thoughts! Video Via D.C. City Council

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New Video of Councilman Wells supporting the DCU Stadium

D.C. City Councilman Wells discussing the Stadium project yesterday and supporting it strongly as it brings jobs, retail and youth programming to a neighborhood that needs it badly! Video Via D.C. City Council



MLS Multiplex Article on DC United Stadium Approval

D.C. Stadium DistrCt Aerial ImageRecent article in MLS Multiplex on the D.C. United Stadium approval and points out while the initial design is to be 20,000 there may be provisions for expansion to 25,000 seats.


Stadium Aerial View Looking NEImage Via DC United


Article Recap on yesterday’s D.C. United Stadium approval

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Since many of the articles are reposts of previous stories from yesterday we are including the following links for you to use if you want to see other news.







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