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South Capitol Street/Frederick Douglas Bridge Replacement

Frederick Douglas Bridge Replacement ImageOne of the largest infrastructure developments planned in the Stadium DistriCt is the replacement of the existing South Capitol Street/Frederick Douglas Bridge.  This project is still in search of the balance of required funding (the project price tag is approximately $6oo,000,000+), but initial requests for proposals have been let in 2013 and some inital funding is being spent on land acquistion and design.

This  new bridge(not everyone is thrilled by the design–some suggest a suspension bridge instead) will be a wonderful conection between the east side of the Anacostia River and the Stadium DistriCt and Capitol Riverfront areas.  The bridge will tie together all of the splendid pieces either existing, under development or planned for development in the area, including Riverfront on the Anacostia, Nationals Stadium, South Capitol Street, DC United Stadium etc.

The agency anticipates construction on the project to begin in Spring 2016.

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Key project elements include:

  • Building a new six-lane Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge;
  • Creating a new traffic oval west of the river that connects South Capitol Street, Potomac Avenue and Q Street SW;
  • Reconstructing South Capitol Street as a six-lane boulevard with an improved streetscape from the traffic oval to D Street SE/SW and an at-grade intersection at M Street SE;
  • Creating a new at-grade traffic oval east of the river that connects South Capitol Street, Suitland Parkway and Howard Road SE;
  • Reconstructing the Suitland Parkway/Interstate 295 interchange;
  • Constructing a new diamond interchange on Suitland Parkway at Martin Luther King Jr Avenue;
  • Improving related portions of New Jersey Avenue, Howard Road, Firth Sterling Avenue, and Sheridan Road SE;
  • Increasing bicycle and pedestrian facilities; and
  • Improving drainage and storm water management throughout the corridor.

Some information on the Contractors making the short list to build the project.

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Check out this Youtube Video the most current tour of the proposed project.

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